What will the role of Community & Voluntary Organisations be?

Their key role will be to propose and provide work placements that will provide participants with valuable working opportunities in good quality work settings.

How are participants assigned to Community & Voluntary Organisations?

Community & Voluntary Organisations with a work placement opportunity should register this with Dublin North West Area Partnership.

They will then be required to submit a detailed job description outlining the work to be undertaken, the number of participants requested etc.

Following the assessment, Dublin North West Area Partnership will contact the Community & Voluntary Organisations advising them of their decision, and follow up if and when a suitable candidate presents.

Will there be costs involved for Community & Voluntary Organisations?

This will depend on the nature of the work and the number of participants assigned.

All Community & Voluntary Organisations will be required to make a contribution, which will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Will funding be provided to cover costs?

As a general rule, Community & Voluntary Organisations will be responsible for the costs that Tús is unable to cover.

Funding will be provided in specific circumstances from a materials budget maintained by Dublin North West Area Partnership.

How many hours will participants have to work?

Participants must work 19½ hours per week and hours of work will be subject to work placement.  Work can be provided over the full week and over a full working day, including extended hours.

While not always possible, participants may be able to work their hours in a flexible way, subject to agreement of local management.

For more Information

For more Information, please call a member of the Tús Team on 01 836 1666.