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Dublin North West Area Partnership provides a free recruitment service for businesses and organisations seeking to fill positions.

Local employers continue to use Dublin North West Area Partnership’s Jobs Club due to the professionalism, experience and quality of our team and the support they offer.

We have 22 years’ experience in finding the right person to fit your role.

We also provide advice and assistance with regard to the range of state-funded employment supports available.

Our reward is helping local unemployed people find their way back to work.

Understanding Your Needs

Our team work to understand your recruitment needs so they can find the right person to fit your organisation and role.

Local Pool of Job Seekers

Each year our Local Employment Service works with over 2,000 local unemployed people. We take the time to learn each individual’s talents, strengths, work experience, educational background and their career and employment interests. Each year we encourage and support over 800 people to progress onto further education and training and develop skills relevant to today’s labour market.

5 Step Process

  • In helping local businesses meet their recruitment needs and find the right person we implement a simple 5 Step ProcessThe first step involves a member of our Job Club team meeting with you ( the employer) to understand your needs. This includes your expectations of the job, the job description, the terms and conditions and the type of person required to fit into your organisation and team


  • Working with you, we develop a complete detailed job specification including a comprehensive job description, hours of work, salary and other information about the position. The Job specification is then used to inform our guidance team and DNWAP job seeking clients about the vacancy and help us to find the right person for the job


  • Once the job specification is complete our job club and guidance team begin the process of identifying potential candidates.  In working with clients, DNWAP staff quickly identify individuals that match the job and person specifications.  we then contact suitable clients to discuss the vacancy. if clients are interested they are selected as potential candidates


  • Potential candidates are then screen and shortlisted for consideration by you


  • As the employer, you are given a selection of CV’s from the shortlist. you then select the candidates you wish to call for an interview.  Our team then contact the selected candidates and arrange interviews at a time that suits you. if necessary DNWAP can provide facilities for interview purposes.  following interviews and a successful selection process DNWAP Job Club team will also follow up with you to discuss how the placement is working out