What is Local & Community Development?

  • Local development promotes area based, integrated, “bottom-up” interventions to address long- term unemployment, economic marginalisation and social exclusion. It recognises the interdependence of economic, social and cultural issues in working for sustainable and inclusive growth and social cohesion.
  • Community Development is a process that seeks to build strong, sustainable communities by bringing people and groups together for the good of the wider community and society. Based on principles of equality, fairness and respect it sets out to influence power structures and remove barriers that prevent people from taking part in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Community Development is a core ethos of Dublin North West Area Partnership and is expressed in our Vision, Mission and Value statements and a number of practice principles which inform and guide our decision making processes.
  • Our Local Development team works with local community groups to build their skills and capacity and to support them to participate in networks and decision-making bodies where their voices can be heard.
  • The Local Development Team also provide outreach and engagement services within the catchment area helping to link individuals from marganalised groups to partnership supports and services in the areas of Education, Enterprise and Employment
  • We have a specific focus on individuals and communities that experience social exclusion.

What is Social Exclusion?

The term social exclusion is used to identify individuals and communities that cannot fully participate in society because of a lack of resources that are normally available to the wider population.

How we are funded?

Dublin North West Area Partnership’s work in the area of Local Community Development is delivered through The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2018 – 2022 funded by the Irish Government and co-founded by the European Social Fund and  includes a special allocation under the Youth Employment Initiative.

DNWAP also source funding for specific projects from other agencies and supports local community groups to leverage funding from a variety of sources.