Green View Community Garden, Tolka Valley Road, Finglas, Dublin 11


The Local Community, Dublin North West Area Partnership, Dublin City Council and Crosscare came together to establish a community garden on waste ground on the Tolka Valley Road.

Work on the garden began in July 2014 and involved workers from the DNWAP Tús programme. There have been some volunteering days organised with Local volunteers, Coolmine Rehabilitation Centre and Ground Works a community organization from Belfast who brought along volunteers from News UK Dublin.


Greenview Garden has 54 allotments which are rented out to local residents and community groups and organisations. The allotment holders grow an array of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.  Some allotment holders have used recycled wooden pallets to build frames around their allotments to prevent pests from having a feast on their juicy fruits and vegetables.

Amenities and Events

Greenview Community Garden provides an attractive and interesting venue for hosting training and community events.  The garden has a BBQ and large patio area that is used by allotment holders and community groups to host social gathering.  Seating for the BBQ was made from reclaimed pallets which were kindly donated by local business.

There are 3 polytunnels in the garden.  They provide a warm and protected environment in which you can grow crops that would otherwise struggle outdoors. Plants that do well in a Polytunnel include: tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, sweet peppers and chillies. In autumn and winter it is possible to continue growing selected plants that would not survive the Irish winter.

A spectacular way to enjoy the romance of any garden is to grow roses.  The Greenview Rose Garden which looks out on the Dublin Mountains grows a variety of roes in red, white purple and pink. There are thousands of different rose to choose from – select the right roses for your own particular growing conditions and you are half way to having a spectacular rose garden. A very special thanks to Kay O’ Connor Finglas Tidy Towns and Tommy Donoghue, Erin’s Isle for organising and donating a large quantity of Top Soil for Greenview.


The term biodiversity refers to numbers of different species of plants and animals in a given area.  At Greenview we seek to generate awareness and increase biodiversity in the area.  To help this we have introduced A Pollinator Friendly Garden, Bird boxes, Bug hotels and log piles.

Composting is a natural process of decomposition which turns organic materials like garden waste and vegetable food scraps into dark, crumbly and earthy smelling material called compost. Compost is rich in nutrients and is great for your garden.  Greenview has purpose built composting bays on site ensuring that we can compost all our fruit and vegetable waste. .


Each year a number of horticulture workshops are held in the garden.  The workshops are aimed to offer practical and useful advice to community gardeners. Workshops have been held including:

Planning your allotment, the rotation of crops, and protecting crops from pests.

Pruning trees and shrub,

Garden Composting

How to encourage bio- diversity in your garden.

The very popular Healthy Food Made Easy cooking programme has been run a number of times and it is hoped to organise Yoga classes for the local community.

Tús staff are currently participating on level 4 FETAC course on Growing Vegetables.


Future Projects

Future projects at Greenview community garden include:

Developing an Art projects with Tús participants and local community group.

Developing Men’s shed

Encourage more local people, organisations and groups to use this valuable community resource.