Enterprise Section FAQ

Question: Can I go back to JA if my business fails?

Yes, provided you meet the requirements of a Jobseekers Allowance (JA) claim. A client can also apply for J.A. if their business activity is not meeting their means and they are not in receipt of scheme support.

Question: What financial support can I expect?

Clients who are on a Jobseekers Benefit (J.B.) claim can apply for a Short Term Enterprise Allowance (S.T.E.A.) which allows them to receive a payment equivalent to their benefit into their bank account until their J.B. was due to run out. For more information, see HERE

Clients in receipt of a Jobseekers allowance claim who have been in receipt of a payment for more than nine months can apply for the Back To Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA). This scheme allows a client to receive 100% of their JA payment weekly into their bank account for the first 12 months, and 75% in the second 12 months. For more information, see HERE.

Question: What grant will I get?

Clients on the BTWEA or STEA schemes can apply for the Enterprise Support Grant (E.S.G.). For BTWEA the maximum is €2500 over a two year period with those on the STEA being able to apply on a pro rata basis.

Question: How do I organise my tax?

As a sole trader, you are responsible for keeping detailed records of all the transactions of your business. These records will show the total turnover of your business per calendar year from which you will subtract your business expenses. The remainder is reckonable income: the amount that you will pay Income Tax, PRSI and USC on. Tax returns for the previous trading year are made online via Revenue Online Service (ROS) by the 31 October.