Jobs Club

“I am very grateful to the jobs club for the support and advice I was given while looking for work. I had been out of work for some time and my confidence was at an all time low. The course really boosted my self-esteem and opened my eyes to several more job opportunities that I had not considered”.

Samantha Nash

“I was very nervous before starting the jobs club programme, I didn’t know what to expect but from the very first day I felt the Jobs Club Leader was very friendly and helpful and I enjoyed working alongside other job seekers. Since completing the course, I secured full time employment in my chosen career”.

Zara Mahon

“As a graduate, I believed I was reasonably capable of looking of work independently but the jobs club programme developed my interview skills, enhanced and reviewed my curriculum vitae and cover letters and provided a space to review and reflect on my job seeking strategies and goals”.

Ivan O’Neill

“Since coming to Ireland a year ago I didn’t know how to apply for jobs or what to say at an interview but after completing the Jobs club programme I can now forward my CV to employers, apply on-line for vacancies and speak confidently to a prospective employer over the phone. A very worthwhile and beneficial course”.

Alvaro Mendana