Dublin North West Area Partnership is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  It is run by a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from a number of sectors.

It is subject to detailed written guidelines covering policy, procedure and financial management.  In addition to independent financial auditing the Partnership is subject to Internal Audits by each of its funders.

The Board of Directors has the power to formally appoint Sub-Committees, Advisory Councils and Management Committee structures to oversee the implementation of the Company’s Strategic Plan.

The Board of the Dublin North West Area Partnership has formally appointed a number of Sub-Committees to support the implementation of the Partnership’s Strategic Plan and activities. These include:


  • Audit & Finance Sub-committee
  • Human Resource Management Sub-committee
  • Community Development Grant Appraisal Sub-committee

The role of Sub-Committees is to inform policy at Board level.  They also have responsibility for ensuring that Company Policy is adhered to in the working of the Sub-Committee and in the implementation of the Partnership’s Strategic Plan.

In addition to Sub-committees a number of Advisory and Steering groups support the work of Dublin North West Area Partnership in achieving its strategic objectives.

Advisory and Steering groups are comprised Dublin North West Area Partnership Board members, staff and individuals from within the Community and Voluntary sector co-opted in an advisory capacity.

Advisory Groups 

  • Education Hardship Fund Advisory Group
  • Community Development Advisory Group
  • Enterprise Advisory Group
  • Tús Advisory Group

Steering Groups

  • Community Outreach Resource Team (CORT) Steering Group