What is the Dublin North West Area Partnership?
Dublin North West Area Partnership was established to support individuals and families and to address social exclusion. The Partnership is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity with the Irish tax authorities. Dublin North West Area Partnership’s Charitable Status Number is: 11574

What is the Dublin North West Area established to do?
Dublin North West Area Partnership strives to listen, support and encourage local people to create positive change in their communities. We work in partnership with groups and individuals, the business sector, trade unions, state agencies and the community & voluntary sector.

What is the function of the Dublin North West Area ?
We focus on Community Development, Education, Employment, Childcare, Enterprise,Older Persons and the TÚS programme.
The Partnership is funded by the Irish Government to implement the Local Community Social Inclusion Programme to address issues in our designated catchment areas.

When was the Dublin North West Area formed?
Established in 1991 it was one of the first eleven Area Based Partnership companies established under the Programme for Economic & Social Progress.

Who is the Dublin North West Area working to support?
The whole community and particularly people on the margins of society as a result of family status, age, poverty, employment or education status, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

How does the Dublin North West Area operate?
Its activities are governed by a voluntary Board with very broad membership of directors drawn from State Agencies, Community representatives, Employer and Trade Union representatives and locally elected politicians.