Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Values

 DNWAP Vision Statement 

Dublin North West Area Partnership’s vision is that people living within the Dublin North West area will have improved life chances and the opportunity to reach their full potential as an individual and valued member of society.

DNWAP Mission Statement

Dublin North West Area Partnership will work collaboratively, utilising Community Development approaches, to ensure that those most at risk of poverty and social exclusion have increased opportunities to access education, training and employment to realise their dreams and potential.

In implementing its Vision and Mission statements Dublin North West Area Partnership has developed a values framework which sets out a number of practice principles to guide decision making.

Values Beliefs Principles
Community Dublin North West Area Partnership believes that community, both in terms of place and interest, is a natural forum for human development.

DNWAP values strong communities that support and nurture human development


DNWAP believes that community is a key component of civil society and has a central role in a healthy democracy.

Through its activities DNWAP will work to strengthen community and social cohesion across the Dublin North West Area.


DNWAP will support communities, particularly those in the most disadvantaged areas, in their growth and development and in contributing to civil society




Values Beliefs Principles
Equality DNWAP believes in a just and equitable society where each individual has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential


DNWAP believes that individuals have rights and responsibilities

DNWAP respects and values diversity


DNWAP challenges oppressive and discriminatory actions and attitudes

DNWAP will strive to ensure equality of access, participation and outcome


DNWAP is committed to pursuing civil and human rights for all

Empowerment and Wellbeing DNWAP believes that the empowerment of both individuals and communities is key to building a just and equitable society

DNWAP believes that individuals and communities need accurate and relevant information to make good decisions

DNWAP recognises the importance of both individual and community wellbeing as a key component of quality of life

DNWAP works with individuals and communities to empower them through capacity building  and in supporting leadership development

DNWAP will work to ensure individuals and communities have access to relevant, accurate information, knowledge and requisite tools for empowerment

DNWAP strives to reduce dependency





Values Beliefs Principles
Education DNWAP believes that education and life-long learning are  critical to one’s life chances and opportunities


DNWAP believes that families and communities play a key role in the education and nurturing of citizens

DNWAP believes that everyone has something positive to contribute to society and the learning environment

DNWAP works to ensure that clients can fully benefit from education


DNWAP will work in partnership to implement actions that complement and support individuals and communities to benefit from formal and informal education opportunities that are age appropriate


DNWAP will promote and support life long learning and reflective practice across all areas of work

Cultural Diversity DNWAP believes that cultural diversity makes a significant contribution to Irish Society and the communities we serve.


Cultural Competence

DNWAP has a duty to respond to the challenges presented as Ireland moves toward becoming a more culturally diverse society.

In undertaking its work DNWAP will challenge discrimination.

Participation and Engagement DNWAP believes that employment or participation in meaningful activity is necessary for an individual to reach his or her full potential and contribute to society DNWAP supports individuals in identifying and developing their unique skills, talents and competencies


DNWAP works to stimulate the local economy to support the development of a sustainable, caring, society and communities

DNWAP will encourage and support individuals to contribute to society and their communities through either paid or voluntary work



Values Beliefs Principles
Environment and Sustainability[1] DNWAP believes that the environmental resources essential to the well-being and future of those we serve are scarce, valuable and under significant threat from climate change.


DNWAP has a responsibility to promote conservation of those resources in all of its activities and to maximise the capacity and resilience of the communities it serves.


DNWAP also believes that solutions to the challenges faced in our communities must be sustainable from both a human and natural resource perspective.

DNWAP will support communities to develop a clear understanding that economic and social development ultimately depends on environmental well-being.  This approach will promote more efficient use of resources and the development of more environmentally-focused, socially sustainable and locally-based solutions.


Ethics and Accountability DNWAP acknowledges its responsibility to be effective in its work and to be accountable to the community and wider society DNWAP values transparent and accountable decision making processes


DNWAP strives to ensure the highest standards attainable  in relation to how it manages and deploys funding and resources



Values Beliefs Principles
Communication DNWAP believes that honest, effective communications is critical to its work and in understanding key issues affecting local communities DNWAP values the opinions and views of others


DNWAP works to develop a culture of compassion, openness and transparency that is conducive to good communications and the sharing of knowledge and understanding

DNWAP sustains mechanisms to ensure good communications and the reciprocal flow of information across the DNWAP area

Collaboration DNWAP believes that by working in partnership it can maximise the benefits to the communities within which it works and


DNWAP believes that co-ordination of service delivery at a local level is critical to bring about improved life chances for individuals, families and communities.

DNWAP values partnership and collaborative working practices


DNWAP works to develop mechanisms to co-ordinate local service delivery

DNWAP seeks to build partnerships of equals

DNWAP will not duplicate services or supports that are provided by other agencies but where possible will seek to add value and enhance both quality and access


[1] Sustainability is defined as ‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (United Nations, 1987)