Introduction to Community Leadership

Dublin North West Area Partnership are delighted to partner with An Cosán Virtual Community College to offer an Introduction to Community Leadership course commencing in May 2018


Programme Overview

The Introduction to Community Leadership programme will explore the role of leadership in the community. Learners will investigate a model of grassroots community leadership in practice, nationally and globally. Learners will also examine the concept of leadership and analyse different leadership styles and qualities. Learners will identify their own leadership skills as well as identify strategies and practices fitting to community leadership development. Learners will also explore the contribution of technology to community leadership. We will draw on case studies and learners’ own experiences to discuss key issues facing their communities, including inequality, discrimination, and community empowerment. We will use animation, video, and music to examine key themes such as power and democracy in our community, the role of the state, and digital citizenship

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge and develop research and problem-solving skills through work and enquiry-based learning, more formally structured tuition, and self-directed learning. They will develop competencies in the following transferable skills: written and oral communication, critical thinking, digital literacy, group collaboration, problem solving, planning & time management.

Learner Supports

At VCC learners are supported fully so that they can achieve their full potential.

  • Technology moderators provide technical support and encouragement to learners in advance of and during online sessions.
  • Qualified tutors with in-depth classroom experience and subject matter expertise are readily available to discuss programme content.
  • One-to-one online mentors are available throughout the programme.
  • Learners are actively encouraged to support one another and build collaborative learning communities.

Time commitment

For unaccredited programmes, you need to be available for one full day Induction workshop (6-hour face-to-face workshop) and 5 online sessions (2 hours per week).  It is recommended that participants allocate 1 hour per week for self-directed study to cover suggested readings and videos.


For further information please come to our information sessions on 12th(at 9.30am)  and 18th (at 6pm) April in Rosehill House, Finglas, Dublin 11 or contact Mary Corridan on 01 549 0054 or email