Dublin North West Area Partnership Apprenticeship Fair

The Dublin North West Area Partnership Apprenticeship Fair took place on Wednesday 30th November in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre, Finglas. The Fair aimed to raise awareness of the range of opportunities that exist in the Apprenticeship sector and offered attendees the opportunity to meet organisations, employers and services involved. The Fair featured twenty-six exhibitors including Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and Apprenticeship Council of Ireland and attracted over 600 attendees throughout the day.

The DNWAP Apprenticeship Fair developed from the recognition of career opportunities apprenticeships provide in areas of growth of the Irish economy. In addition to the traditional image of apprenticeships, the announcement of twenty-seven new apprenticeships has broadened the appeal of apprenticeship in diverse areas such as financial services, hospitality and logistics.

The benefit of the Fair was highlighted by Natasha Kinsella, Regional Skills Manager Dublin, who stated “I was delighted to support this inaugural event arranged by the DNWAP and it was clear by the attendance on the day there is very much an appetite for apprenticeship options, even within the proposed new areas currently under development. This form of education not alone provides opportunities for those who may not be in a position to pursue full time programmes through CAO, but presents access points to allow all potential learners to progress either in employment or further study routes. Awareness of this very option and new potential apprenticeships on offer is critical and would hope this event has huge potential to go for next year. The opportunities given to business to showcase also as part of the event fosters the engagement of business-education into reality.”

The appeal to guidance professionals was echoed by Karen McGrath, Guidance Counsellor, St Aidan’s CBS, Whitehall, who stated “This was a wonderful idea, both for students and guidance counsellors! It helped fill the knowledge gap for me as a GC and puts the courses available at CDETB Training Centres and apprenticeships on the map.  I have found my students didn’t engage with these sectors at Higher Options so this event is fantastic and well laid out.”

The DWAP Apprenticeship Fair is a collaborative project between the Dublin North West Area Partnership, Finglas Youth Resource Centre, Ballymun Jobs Centre and Ballymun Regional Youth Resource. To register your interest in the DNWAP Apprenticeship Fair 2017, please contact Fergus Craddock, Adult Education Programmes Coordinator, at fergus.craddock@dnwap.ie or (01) 836 1666