Little Turtles Playgroup

Dublin North West Area Partnership’s Community Outreach Resource Team at work 

Following their move from St. Fergal’s School the Little Turtles Playgroup has finally opened the doors of its new facility with a little help from Dublin North West Area Partnership.

The move followed a number of months negotiating with the management committee of the Scout’s Den on Cardiffsbridge Road.

Teresa Whelan, Little Turtles Playgroup Manager, spoke of the huge amount of work put in by both the staff of the crèche and Dublin North West Area Partnership’s Community Outreach Resource Team.

“The team were fantastic, a great bunch of polite and hard working guys. They tidied up all the cables, did all the paint work including railings, doors and ceilings. At one stage even the Team Supervisor, Gerry Tyson gave a handout to ensure the work was done on time before we opened up.”

Teresa explained “One of the biggest jobs was outside on the grounds of the Scouts Den and space between the local shops. It was hugely and densely overgrown with weeds up to 9 foot high and was also used as an illegal dumping ground”. 

Patricia Kelly, the Co-Ordinator, said “we were originally located in St Fergal’s Boys National School for the last 25 years. However due to the opening of a much needed Autism Centre we had to move out and make room. We were delighted to be offered the facility room here in the Scouts Den. Initially I approached Tony Byrne, a local community activist and Scout Leader, explaining our predicament and to ask if there was room available for the crèche. It then went to the Council Members of the 76/122 Scouts Group and it was agreed that the room, about the hall, could be used for the crèche” 

Little Turtles Playgroup reopened, Tuesday 3rd September and places are available. Contact Teresa Whelan Tel: 087 415 623

For more information on Dublin North West Area Partnership’s Community Outreach Resource Team contact Gerry Tyson at 01 8361666.

The Community Outreach Resource Team can assist local Community and Voluntary groups with minor repairs, upkeep and maintenance of community facilities.