Garden Update

Image of Hazel Henge

Work is on-going at Greenview Community Garden on Tolka Valley Road, Finglas.

At present the 54 allotments have just been finished and we are concentrating now on constructing flower beds and a Hazel Henge.

The Hazel Henge appears to be a unique idea and combines the concept of an earthwork Henge used during Neolithic times for ritual and astronomical purposes and a Hazel enclosure. Hazel is associated with wisdom in Celtic mythology and in addition to providing nuts it can be coppiced providing material for basket weaving and garden fences.

In time it is anticipated that the Hazel Henge will grow into a formal space for use as an outdoor classroom or for local people to use as a social space.

In addition to the Hazel Henge a beautiful patio area has been constructed so the community and allotment owners can get together and enjoy the garden.

Work has also begun on the poly tunnels and we are awaiting a calm day to complete the tunnels and cover with plastic sheeting.

To view the garden’s location click on the link below.