Enterprise Support Grant (E.S.G.)

In order to support those who enter self-employment under the Short Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA) or the Back To Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA), the Department of Social Protection offers financial supports towards the setting up of your business through the Enterprise Support Grant (ESG). This grant, totalling a maximum of €2,500, for those on the BTWEA, involves a minimum contribution of 20% from the applicant and covers fourteen broad categories. All categories have an annual limit of between €250 to €1000 and can be accessed at any time during the two years that the BTWEA currently runs for. For those on Short Term Enterprise Allowance(STEA) it will be on a pro-rata basis €937 Max (9 Months) and €625 Max (6 Months). For the areas of support covered, please see the table below.

ESG catergies

In order to apply for this grant, a person who is on either of the above schemes should contact their local Social Welfare/Intreo office to arrange a meeting with their case officer at which the applicant should provide two quotations for each area that support is being applied for.

Please note that the process of applying for this grant can take several weeks and the terms and conditions are subject to change. For more information see HERE